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1966 Zundapp Super Combinette 50cc One Cylinder


The Zündapp Sport Combinette series 510, 515, 517 was a moped from the Zündapp factory in Munich, which was built from 1961 to 1967.This bike bears its original paint and the original papers. It is a good runner. Zündapp was once a leading motorcycle manufacturer and was known for high quality, innovative design and sporting success.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

Motorcylces has been produced from 800ccm to 50ccm. Several world records were also set. From the end of 1960, sporty 50ccm mopeds were produced which generated large sales figures. The Zündapp Sport Combinette (515 series) replaced the 510 series as a two-seater Mokick and was ultimately replaced in 1967 by the 517 model, which was then renamed the C 50 Sport in 1968.

These vehicles had the tubular frame with a cast light alloy rear that was common at Zündapp at the time . Unlike the 510 series with a short swingarm, the 515 model had a telescopic fork as the front suspension. The 21-inch tires were delivered in the usual size 2.75.


A special feature of the 510 models was a rear swing arm with four spring struts, two of which could be switched on for pillion riding. In 1962 the switchability was eliminated and the suspension was taken over by a spring strut on the right and left, plus two shock absorbers were added, which meant that the look of the four spring struts was retained, although the technology was completely changed; in particular, the swing arm now had four attachment points instead of two the suspension elements.