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1967 Volkswagen Bus Inspired From Back To The Future

This is truly a one of a kind build paying homage to Marty McFly and Doc Brown featuring a working Flux Capacitor and accurate recreation of Doc’s time machine from the original film!

image/tet credit:velocitymc

The van is beautifully restored both inside and out. Rear seat passengers enjoy a beautiful screen to view movies.Driver and passenger doors are custom built gullwing style for added flair!

image/tet credit:velocitymc

It’s time to go “Back to the Future” and enjoy this VW Bus today! The perfect vehicle for hitting 88 mph with some friends and family is this 1967 VW Bus Bus outfitted by Velocity Motorcars.

image/tet credit:velocitymc

Made in honor of the infamous time-traveling DeLorean, this bus boasts gullwing doors, a Flux Capacitor, and a sleek gray paint job.


From the outside, it looks as if the DeLorean had a bit too much Halloween candy, as the color scheme is an obvious nod to Doc Brown’s ride.

image credit:velocitymc

Inside a Creamsicle-like interior is outfitted with TV screens and the aforementioned Flux Capacitor. And if you have $90k, you can put it in your driveway. Great Scott!