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1969 Ford Mustang Pro Touring Powered By Coyote Aluminator



Set up for autocross and open track driving, this first class Ford is a 3-year build that plants a supercharged Coyote Aluminator in front of a tough Tremec 6-speed and roster of custom mechanicals.


And, best of all, it’s a completely livable cruiser which features paint and bodywork that’ll leave most MCA cars quivering in their Polyglas boots.


If you’re ready for an incredible pro-tourer with absolutely no asterisks, gimmicks or excuses, get to know this boss blue oval!


Those super straight surfaces were set off with quality DuPont paint, thoroughly color-sanded and sealed in five coats of clear.And, when all was said and done, this Ford debuted as a fresh twist on a ‘can’t miss’ favorite!

Hoist this coupe’s lightweight hood and you’ll find a 5.0 liter, Ford Racing ‘mod motor’ that, with the help of a Ford Racing supercharger, twists roughly 530 tire-melting horsepower to the car’s custom rear wheels.

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