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1969 Holden Hurricane Concept Car “RD 001” – Restored

Holden has gone back to the future, restoring its very first concept car — the 1969 Holden Hurricane. The futuristic research vehicle described as an experiment “to study design trendPropulsion systems and other long range developments” has been restored to its former glory as a labour of love by a dedicated group of Holden designers and engineers.

source/image: Holden 

Code named RD 001; the Hurricane is a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seater sports car which incorporates a remarkable array of innovative features and technology, much of it way ahead of its time.

source/image: Holden 

The Holden Hurricane’s V8 engine featured many advanced design components such as the four-barrel carburettor – a feature which wouldn’t be seen on a production 253ci Holden V8 until the late 1970s.

source/image: Holden 

The end result was approximately 262hp (193kW), a towering power output in 1969 and one that ensured the Holden Hurricane had the go to match its show.


The “Pathfinder”, essentially a pre-GPS navigation system, relied on a system of magnets embedded at intersections along the road network to guide the driver along the desired route.

A dash-mounted panel informed the driver of which turn to take by illuminating different arrows, as well as sounding a warning buzzer.The rear-view camera was also a ground-breaking innovation.Engineers using a Closed Circuit Television system with a camera mounted in the rear bumper feeding vision to a small black-and-white TV mounted in the centre console.