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1970 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Deuce Muscle Car

Once Don Yenko applied is magic to the the economy-minded Chevrolet Nova, it’s personality was dramatically changed… for the better!


The 1970 Yenko “Deuce” was a gear way for Yenko to offer an entry-level version of his high-performance Chevrolets and to avoid rising insurance premiums on popular Muscle Cars like Camaros and Chevelles.


This particular Chevy Nova Yenko Deuce is powered by 350 cubic inch LT1 V8 engine capable of producing 360 horsepower and 380 pound feet of torque.


This 1970 Chevrolet Hurst Yenko Nova is one of only 50 built by Hurst at the direction of Don Yenko.

It is also one of only 10 produced with the Huggar Orange paint job, a popular Camaro color.