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1970 Ferrari Pininfarina 512 S Modulo Cocept Car


In the late 1960s Ferrari approachedCarozzeria Pininfarina to design the 512 S Modulo cocept car, which debuted at the 1970 Salon international de l’automobile Geneve (Geneva International Auto Show) at just thirty-seven inches high.via: wojtek1425

source/image(PrtSc): wojtek1425

This aerodynamic, extreme shape was featured in several earlier concept cars of this era, and soon a competitive race to produce the car with the lowest height ensued.Using a Ferrari 512 S chassis as the starting point, the Modulo’s innovations included its two overlapping body shells.Watch the video by wojtek1425.

(Joined by a waistline band that encircled its width) and low-slung, trapezoidal-shape, which positioned the two seats in the center of the car. The futuristic console, featuring bowling ball- inspired orbs in line with the wheels, resembled no other car interior.


Access to the passenger compartment was gained by sliding the entire cupola, including the windshield, along special guides (as shown in Paolo Martin’s original 1967 sketch). Aerodynamic front skirts limited front wheel travel and were flared out rearward so that the whels could turn in a small radius./via: wojtek1425