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1989 Buick LeSabre Old-School American Luxury Coupe


For 1986, Buick introduced the sixth generation LeSabre, using GM’s newly developed front wheel drive H platform shared with the Oldsmobile Delta 88 and 1987 Pontiac Bonneville — a platform in most respects identical to the front-drive GM C platform.

source.image: Doug DeMuro

This is a 1989 Buick LeSabre T-Type and it’s GM’s attempt at a sort of luxury, sort of performancey coupe in the late 1980s. We are thrilled to be offering this LeSabre for sale on CARS & BIDS!! Today I’m reviewing this Buick LeSabre and I’ll show you all the many quirks and features. I’ll also get behind the wheel and review the driving experience.

Most Buick LeSabre models from this generation were powered by Buick’s 3.8 liter (231 cubic-inch) V6 engine. It started out with 150 hp (112 kW). It added balance shafts to become the famous “3800” V6 for 1988, with 165 hp (123 kW). This engine increased to 170 hp (127 kW) in 1991 with the addition of Tuned Port Injection. The 1986 model featured the 3.0 liter (181 cubic-inch) V6 as standard.


The sixth generation featured Dynaride, four wheel independent suspension, as well as automatic load leveling, which used an air compressor to pressurize the rear Chapman Struts to maintain level ride height — and was not available on vehicles equipped with Gran Touring Suspension. Each year received slight design changes. In the engine bay, 1989 models received revised positions for the battery, washer fluid tank, and coolant overflow tank.