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1990 VW Vanagon Rebuilt With High Top RV


William has lived in Ruby, the 1990 Volkwagon Vanagon, for over six years! Only in the past two years has it been remolded to accommodate his 6’4″ frame with a raised hightop.

image: Tiny Home Tours

With the new space, he installed upper shelving and added baskets, wooden boxes, and creative bags to organize personal items. There’s a self-contained kitchen setup with a sink, a two-burner stove, and fold down cover.

As a professional outdoor photographer, William thrives when taking his tiny home on wheels to new places, extreme locations, and anywhere his job leads him!


The tires are upgraded, and there’s a two-inch lift with customized bumpers. The exterior holds a box that stores outdoor gear, an extra fuel tank, and a bag with a tow rope. This rig has so much character with its personal touches and unique design.

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