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20,000 Volt Halo Inspired Next Generation Plasma Knife


YouTuber Plasma Channel creates a plasma knife inspired by the Halo franchise’s energy sword. The design process involves 3D printing, CNC machining, and incorporating a 20,000-volt plasma core. Te basic inspiration was to create something in the style of the “Energy Sword” from Halo.

source.image: Plasma Channel

I’m going to say what we’re all thinking. The Energy Sword from Halo is a complete masterpiece. It’s haunted me for years, so, I decided to build an actual plasma knife as a test bed for a full scale build!

This project took several prototypes before the final design was chosen, as the spacing between blades and power output had to be refined to get the eye-popping effect to work properly.


Inside the 3D printed enclosure, it packs not only the electronics necessary to produce 20,000 volts. A built-in battery pack and fan helps the knife send 20,000 volts down the length of the two-piece steel blade. As for practicality, it can most certainly be used on hunting or camping trips to light things on fire.