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2007 Thoroughbred Stallion 2.3l 4 Cylinder Engine Motor Trike

Originally debuted in 2006 as a unique take on a trike. Powered by a 2.3 liter Ford Focus 4 cylinder, the engine provides 143 horsepower and 155 lbs.ft of torque. More than enough to get this light weight trike up to speed and still provide excellent fuel economy.

source/image(PrtSc): GatewayClassicCars

You can achieve 35 mpg in the city and up to 45 mpg on the highway. Pull the shifter down to drive and keep an eye on the speedometer as this thing gets up to speed quickly. When driving this trike compared to others, you can’t help but notice how stable and confidence inspiring it is.via./read more: GatewayClassicCars

Aiding in the comfortable ride are air shocks and leather seats to hold you in place. Disc brakes all around slow things down when you’re ready to take a break. Adding to the uniqueness is a steering wheel as opposed to traditional handlebars.


There’s also a gas pedal and a brake pedal. If it becomes too hot outside, you’re in luck. This baby has air conditioning! It’s also equipped with cruise control and an AM/FM radio with a CD player. The Stallion also comes with a hitch to pull a small trailer and a trunk where there is room for luggage or to store your helmets while not with the vehicle./GatewayClassicCars