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2018 Terry V21 by Heartland RV – Travel Trailer Camping RV

Vintage trailers are more popular than ever in the RV industry. Their retro styling make them stand out in any park or out on the road.Yet inherent with those same vintage trailers are the very problems that make them sparse and hard to find. The use of older, heavier materials, lack of modern features, and all around upkeep make some RV newbies nervous about buying a vintage trailer.

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Check out this all new Heartland RV. This is the 2018 Terry V21 travel trailer. They decided do to an older style retro look with the trailer and bring back the Terry RV name. Special thanks to Couch’s RV Nation for letting me Video their RV’s.

Heartland RVs is introducing the Terry Classic. Combining a fresh retro look, shiny finish, and nostalgic feel with lightweight, environmentally-friendly building materials and modern manufacturing techniques, the Terry Classic is in a league of its own.


This small retro RV carries many features and a price tag that won’t hurt your wallet either. Being only around 21′ in length, this travel trailer can be towed by an assortment of vehicles. Whether heading out this summer for a family camp-out or tailgating at your favorite sporting event, the Terry Classic is sure to turn heads all while keeping you nice and cozy, your food hot and your drinks cold.