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2024 Amphibious Fat Truck 2.4 Pickup 4×4 STK


The 2024 Fat Truck 2.4 Pickup is the line-up’s most compact extreme c vehicle with dimensions slightly smaller than the 2.8 Pickup but don’t let the numbers fool you as this unit is just as capable as its bigger brother the 2.8 Pickup. The 2.4 Pickup is designed for those with tighter terrain and it can be loaded on a 7.5-foot trailer, and pulled by a 1/2-ton pick-up keeping operating and running costs to a minimum. The unit can accessorized with a full front and rear cab or ROPS with a ladder and rack.


Whatever your needs we can assist you in getting the correct set-up to get your job done. Power comes from a Hatz 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel with a 1.46-liter displacement, 56 horsepower, and 136 lb-ft (at 1600 rpm) of torque mated to a hydrostatic drive with zero turn capability.

Operation is controlled by a single center cab-mounted joystick that can either be driven on the left or right side of the vehicle. The color information display and select switches are conveniently located on the center stack for driver or passenger sightlines and overhead within easy reach. The unit comes standard in black but can be wrapped in any color or pattern of your choice for an additional cost.


The unit has a base payload of 2000lbs and an unaccessorized base vehicle weight of 4200 lbs, a top speed of 19mph on land and 3.1 mph on water with the stock tires, a 35-degree uphill/downhill maximum angle, and a 22-degree sidehill maximum angle.

The base unit has a ground pressure with the stock tires of 2 lbs per sq inch. The tires are a swim paddle design with a 52″x19″x20″ size and capable of pressures from 0.5 to 6 psi. Optional high floatation tires are available with wheel pods for increased buoyancy..//source