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2024 EarthRoamer LTi Ford F-550 $825K Super Duty RV


The EarthRoamer LTi is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate adventure vehicle. Every LTi is built on a four-wheel drive Ford F-550 chassis with a quiet, efficient, and powerful 6.7L turbo diesel V8 engine. With a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, you can bring along all of your toys. Wherever you take it, Ford’s premium Lariat interior trim package offers comfort and luxury not usually found in a rugged expedition vehicle.

source.image: MotoRV

The biggest news with our all-new LTi is the completely carbon fiber body. Advanced spacecraft, military aircraft, exotic sports cars, high-end yachts, and even high-end bikes and sporting equipment utilize carbon fiber. When low body weight, high performance, and unyielding strength are key in a vehicle, odds are its body is probably made with carbon fiber.

Our intelligently designed interior offers generous space to relax, play games, work, watch movies – or whatever else you like to do in your leisure time. Our over-cab bunk makes a great lounge area for reading, watching TV or listening to music, while the main cabin space provides seating for 2-6 based on your floor plan. We efficiently utilize every inch of space to provide plenty of storage for all your food, clothes and gear.


Like the rest of the EarthRoamer camper design, our bathrooms are extremely space efficient yet highly functional. Our bathrooms are heated, have generous stand-up heights and contain a cassette toilet, toilet paper holder, hot/cold shower, compact “hand washing” sink, mirror, exhaust fan, clothes drying line, and a soap/shampoo dispenser with storage for small bath items.Your EarthRoamer LTi provides everything necessary to prepare and enjoy meals inside the camper. While we frequently barbecue outside, it’s nice to know you have a comfortable and capable kitchen and dining area if the weather turns bad or the bugs get too big. Modern appliances like a stainless refrigerator/freezer, induction cooktop and convection microwave are standard. Luxury touches like a granite countertop, touch faucet and deep stainless sink rival any home kitchen. via read more: earthroamer