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2024 Irizar i6S Hydrogen Coach With 1000km Of Range


The Spanish manufacturer Irizar has unveiled its fuel cell-electric coach prototype in the form of an i6S Efficient Hydrogen integral. This first hydrogen vehicle has been developed exclusively by Irizar, in conjunction with other leading companies and technology centres. It’s currently in a testing phase with a different typology.

source.iamge: TruckTube

The accumulation of experience with and knowledge of this technology will be key to shaping the future hydrogen range.The Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient has a range of up to 1000 km and minimal charging times of around 20 minutes. Consequently, the way our clients operate will not be changed, and they can continue their existing routes and schedules. In addition, it can run in 100% electric mode for short times, if required.

The fuel cell produces a peak power of 200kW. The electric motor is rated at 400kW peak and 360kW constant, and so 60kW/h of batteries are also fitted.e Irizar i6S Efficient has become the most efficient coach in Irizar’s history, with up to a 13% reduction in consumption and emissions, a weight reduction of up to 950 kg and an improvement in the aerodynamic coefficient of 30%.


The efficiency and high durability of the vehicle’s main components can also be highlighted. The batteries will stay with the vehicle for its entire useful life. And the fuel cell will need maintenance, without replacing components, after around 30,000 hours of operation, depending on the kind of routes and use. read more: irizar