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2024 Roller Team Livingstone 5 Sport Small Luxury Campervan


New 2024 Roller Team Livingstone 5 Sport is a small luxury campervan that is adapted for 4 people with bunk beds. Why Is This New 2024 Luxury Bunk Bed Campervan BETTER and HALF The Price of American Ones?! Bunk beds ensure that you always have 4 ready-made beds available.

source.image: Bobilagenten AS

It is also possible to take out either the lower bed so that you can, for example, bring bicycles or other space-consuming luggage and sleep on top, or take out the upper bed to get a more airy atmosphere if there are only two of you on a trip, or remove the mattresses on top to use the upper bed as extra storage. It is also possible to use one of the upper beds so that you get plenty of space, but also have permanent beds for 3 people. In any case, you also have a garage with plenty of space under the beds.

The city mobile home has a trailer hitch that can pull 2,500 kg. This can be used as a passenger car both on the ferry, car park and toll ring. Can be driven with a normal driving license class B. On the outside, you have a raw gray color, solar panel, LED outdoor lighting, Thule awning, mosquito door, electric step and double doors with windows. Reversing camera that is placed high gives you a good overview when it is necessary to reverse. There is a rail for the outdoor table so that you eliminate the problem of bringing your own coffee table.


In the kitchen, there are many smart storage options with drawers and cupboards. High-mounted compressor refrigerator with large freezer. Compressor refrigerators are the new open refrigerators that run on 12v, here you don’t have to think about the car being level and you don’t have to use gas for cooling. Hot/cold water and cooking torches. Great and practical bathroom. The bathroom has hot/cold water, a fixed toilet and a shower. Mirror cabinet and 230v power outlet. Also note that there is a window in the bathroom. Smart shower cubicle solution.In the driver’s environment you will find, among other things, a new Fiat dashboard with all it entails, air conditioning, airbags on both sides, cruise control, trip computer and a vigorous 2.2L Turbodiesel engine of 140 hp makes the motorhome ready for travel.