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2025 Alfa Romeo Milano Stylish SUV


The Milano is Alfa Romeo’s new entry-level crossover, it will be available in pure electric and mild-hybrid versions, with up to 237 hp in the Ellettrica Veloce trim.

source.image: REC Anything

The Milano is fairly small. It comes in at just over 164 inches long and 70 inches wide. The interior is typical Alfa style. The 10.25-inch instrument screen is housed in a double-barrel shroud, and the 10.25-inch infotainment screen is mounted a little lower and canted toward the driver in the center stack.

Round air vents bookend the dashboard. The electric Milano uses a 54kWh battery pack (50.8 useable), not entirely coincidentally the same one you’ll find in the Abarth 600e and Jeep Avenger.


It’s available in two variants, with either a 154bhp or 238bhp power output, and a single motor driving the front wheels. Alfa claims a range of 250 miles. Alfa Romeo confirmed that an all-electric version of the Milano will be available, and the SUV will go on sale in September.