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2025 Toyota Hilux Carryboy RV Motorhome


The 2025 Toyota Hilux Campervan builds on Toyota’s crew cab pickup truck, replacing the rear platform with a larger structure with a longer rear overhang and an aerodynamic shape extension above the cab.Based on the outskirts of Bangkok, Carryboy is a company focused on manufacturing and customizing motorhomes and campers, providing innovative and tailored solutions for mobile living.

source.image: 4You AutoManija

The Toyota Champ provides a solid foundation for this camper as the IMV platform is well known for its durability and efficient performance, which is ideal for those who prioritize vehicle longevity and robust handling in varied terrains. The exterior of the Carryboy motorhome is simple yet appealing. One can make out from the design that it is a roomy and comfortable space for five to six people.

One of the standout features of the Carryboy camper is its modular interior design. This allows owners to configure their living spaces according to specific travel needs, whether it’s accommodating more storage for long trips or optimizing the layout for comfort during extended stays at a single location. The Carryboy camper can comfortably accommodate solo travelers, couples, and even small families.


The interior of the motorhome has system control hidden under the side cabinets which are integrated on both sides of the mini RV. It gets a television just below the storage compartments towards the left and a microwave oven. There is a door that leads to a compact restroom with toilet and shower space. The vehicle comes equipped with several standard features to enhance comfort and convenience. These include a comprehensive 360-degree camera system, an electric entry step, a hot water shower, a toilet, a sizable 80-liter fridge, and a 100-liter fresh water tank. Entertainment and utility are further bolstered by a 32-inch smart TV, an air conditioning unit, a smart power management system, and an entry-level 200 amp-hour battery, complimented by a three-kilo-watt generator.