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3 Guys With 10 Hands Futuristic Dance By XTRAP

XTRAP is a futuristic dance entertainment crew from Japan who specialize in finger tutting, tutting and animation dance.They also recently competed on Asia’s got Talent.

source/image(PrtSc): Kuma Films

The futuristic Japanese dance crew XTRAP added an extra 4 hands to their 3 man group to create this hypnotizing skit. Watch the amazing dance video by Kuma Films

Often, dancers use certain inanimate objects. Sometimes not very clear to the ordinary people, sometimes quite understandable – for example, fake palms.


Don’t be afraid, the performance that you’ll see now has a bewitching effect, and at some moments you don’t understand where the dignity is genuine and where it is fake. Actually, this is the salt and style of XTRAP.