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300+ Year Old English Pocket-Watch Still Working!

Refurbished by putschracing, 3 case Bing pocket watch made in London around 1690-1720. It features a tortise shell/silver/and brass outer case, a fine silver body and decorative case, 3-tier original crystal, rose-gold hands, champleve’ dial with arabic and roman numberal numbers, fusee and chain drive.

image/text credit: Casey Putsch

It is shown being wound and ticking, then assembled in its decorative silver case with Greco Roman figures and then put into its protective outer tortise shell case.

This watch is one of the earliest two handed watches and would have only been able to have been owned by the most wealthy of persons at the time.


It was built at the same time Sir Isaac Newton was a professon at Cambridge and Johann Sebastian Bach was composing music in Germany. This watch pre-dates everything we Americans take for granted and is still working flawlessly. If only our nation was still working as well.