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3D Animated Construction Video On Spider Tie Concrete House


The Spider Tie concrete wall system is the new way to form a concrete wall easily and quickly. Developed by the residential home construction manager Greg McDonagh, it provides a temporary frame work that is attached to the plywood panels using special plastic ties.

source/image(PrtSc): Spider Tie Corporate Video Site

This video is going to demonstrate the concrete encapsulation process it’s a hybrid concrete home what we mean by that is that the home is traditionally built or framed with wood and we provide a concrete cladding or encapsulation over the entire exterior this makes it easier to modify existing homes or filters aren’t comfortable building straight with concrete.

These ties hold the frame work in place until the concrete (of any type) has cured, and afterwards you simply unscrew it so that it can be used again for future projects. It has similar functionality with binding plaster to wooden studs. This framework can retain your re-bar correctly in place each time devoid of applying tie wire.


The special ties on the other hand, made of recycled plastic, are used just once as they stay in the concrete once it has been poured. “It gives you a really easy way to hold your forms together while you’re pouring concrete,” McDonagh says. “It doesn’t require whalers or extra bracing, it’s simply a screw every six inches.” The system can be used for walls as high as 9 ft. and it is available in two types: Spider Tie Dry and Spider Tie Wet for swimming pools.//spidertiesystem

VIA Spider Tie Corporate Video Site
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