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3D Animation Railway Shock Absorbers Working Principle


A shock absorber is designed to absorb the forces and vibration and provide a smooth journey to the car body. In this video, we explain the lhb bogie damper or shock absorber its parts, and its working function.

source/image(PrtSc): Let’s Grow Up

The shock absorber is an important component of every vehicle of the railway car. this is a hydraulic shock absorber that is used in a heavy cars. Watch the video from Let’s Grow Up for more info

Dampers offers operators an innovative and effective way of controlling train dynamics, leading to cost reductions and more comfortable travelling conditions.The primary system consists of vertical dampers fitted between the railcar wheelsets and the bogie frame.


During the hydraulic damper design, shock absorber manufacturers and sealing suppliers collaborate on seal specifications and materials custom-suited for carrying various freight.As railroad speeds increase, dampers and their sealing components must be equal to the task. They operate on diesel and electric locomotives.

SOURCELet's Grow Up
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