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3D Animation What’s Inside Of The Las Vegas Sphere


The Las Vegas Sphere is the newest attraction is downtown Las Vegas. Come see inside of it!Designed by Populous, the spherical project was announced by the Madison Square Garden Company in 2018, known then as the MSG Sphere.

source.image: Jared Owen

The 18,600-seat auditorium is being marketed for its immersive video and audio capabilities, which include a 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen, speakers with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies, and 4D physical effects. Watch the video from Jared Owen:

The venue’s exterior also features 580,000 sq ft (54,000 m2) of LED displays. Sphere measures 366 feet (112 m) high and 516 feet (157 m) wide. The arena cost $2.3 billion, making it by far the most expensive entertainment venue built in Las Vegas.


Sphere is 366 feet (112 m) high and 516 feet (157 m) wide at its broadest point. It is the largest spherical building in the world at 875,000 sq ft (81,300 m2).It includes seating for 18,600 people, and all seats have high speed internet access. The exterior is also used for advertising. Both the interior and exterior screens were manufactured by SACO Technologies, a Canadian company specializing in LED video displays and lighting.