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3D Scans Of A Cursed Voodoo Statue – The Statue Refuses To Be Scanned

In February, the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, the world’s only mobile museum of haunted artifacts, launched the first-ever initiative to 3D scan and compile a database of paranormally-active objects. There’s just one problem: the project is confusing the ghosts.

image credit: Planet Weird

However, the project has proven to be more difficult than the museum founder’s expected, as it would appear that the potentially possessed artifacts are not too keen on acting as test subjects.According to one the museum’s co-founders, Greg Newkirk, equipment failures have become commonplace and some of the haunted objects have conspicuously gone missing when they were scheduled to be scanned.

image credit: Planet Weird

While these issues may be chalked up to coincidence by some skeptical-minded individuals, the case of a haunted idol, that the group has dubbed ‘Billy,’ is particularly strange and intriguing.When they tried to scan the creepy-looking idol, which has been blamed for a number of strange happenings in the past, it apparently objected to the procedure.


Over the course of several scanning attempts, some kind of ‘barrier’ appeared in front of Billy that prevented the group from getting a complete picture of the idol.The maddening and mystifying challenge took an astounding 30 hours to complete and was only successful after the group conducted an impromptu EVP session with Billy and explained what they were doing.

That creepy conversation, seen in the video above, seemingly quelled the concerns of the haunted idol, who became less camera shy shortly thereafter.The saga of Billy’s problematic scanning is quite wondrous in that it suggests that the application of 3D technology could, indeed, yield new insights into the paranormal that have yet to be revealed.