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4 Magic Tricks You Can Do With Eggs To Make Them Even Better!

Eggs are a magical food if there ever was one. You know eggs can be made a number of ways, including in you’re favorite brunch foods like omelets, scrambles and frittatas, but you probably aren’t aware of some of the fun magic tricks you can do with them.

Normally when you think of magic tricks, a carton of eggs doesn’t come to mind. But, there are actually some really cool tricks you can pull off with just eggs.

Trick 1: The water glass

image credit:  Geniale Tricks

To find out if an egg is already spoiled, put it in a glass filled with water. Good eggs remain lying on the ground, spoiled drifting upwards.

Trick 2: heart affairs

image credit:  Geniale Tricks

Here is some preliminary work necessary. You cut an elongated piece from a beverage box, fold it in the middle and put a hard-boiled, still warm egg into the fold. On the egg you place a round wood, for example a shish kebab or a chopsticks, and fixes this with rubber bands. This leaves the egg until it is completely cooled.If one frees it, it has – thanks to the delle caused by the roundwood – its shape changed into a heart.


Trick 3: Separate eggs

image credit:  Geniale Tricks

To easily separate egg yolk and egg white from each other, simply place the egg in a jar and suck the egg yolk with an empty, clean plastic bottle.

Trick 4: Egg pestle

image credit:  Geniale Tricks

First, a small hole is pipped into the top of the egg. With a light stroke on a hard surface, the shell breaks round.Now is punched vigorously into the hole. The egg slips completely from the shell.With the right knowledge, even the simplest things become a special event that will delight family, friends, loved ones or loved ones. Who from now his breakfast egg rather from the shell pustet, than pellet, should not only with the trajectory.

Watch the video to learn how

Just take these four simple tricks you can perform with eggs, for example. Once you see how easy they are to pull off, you’re going to have to try them yourself!Share these cool tricks with your friends.