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4×4 DIY Ambulance Tiny Home Conversion


Join Tom as he takes us on a detailed tour of his incredible ambulance camper conversion, affectionately named “The Lost Box.” This isn’t just any camper; it’s a meticulously crafted, 18,000 lb beast that started its life in Yellowstone National Park and has been transformed into a mobile home full of ingenious solutions and custom features.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Unique Beginning: Discover the ambulance’s origins from Yellowstone National Park, boasting a mere 14,000 miles when Tom acquired it. The Transformation: Learn about the extensive conversion process, turning this former ambulance into a fully functional camper.

Compact and Functional: Explore the kitchen with its small sink designed to maximize counter space, and unique dish storage solution inspired by Tom’s friends, Greg and Ginger. Custom Features: Notice the clever use of ambulance latches as towel hangers and door handles, and the ingenious water gauge for monitoring the 70-gallon onboard water capacity.


High-Tech Cooking: Tom highlights the benefits of an induction cooktop, emphasizing the need for a robust electrical system. Electrical Storage: Peek into the specially designed drawer housing all things electrical, a testament to Tom’s thoughtful design approach. Convertible Bed Design: See how the bed ingeniously converts from full to queen size, accommodating Tom and his partner, Carly. Comfortable Living Area: The living room features a comfortable couch with dual tables and a unique mechanism to transform into an additional seating area.