Home WORLD 4×4 Sprinter With Pizza Oven Bed Lift & Full Bathroom

4×4 Sprinter With Pizza Oven Bed Lift & Full Bathroom


Meet Giuliano & Diana as they show off their one-of-a-kind sprinter van conversion. This build’s incredible features are seemingly never ending, including a pizza oven, deep sink, ample storage, breakfast bar, dedicated workspace/dining area, & an elevator bed.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

All of these features are amazing, but possibly the most impressive aspect of the Soul Dust van is the disappearing shower pan. Giuliano & Diana found innovative ways to capitalize on every square inch of space in their tiny home & it shows!

In addition to being an adventure seeking couple, Giuliano & Diana have teamed up with the Imbriani non Mollare non-profit organization based in Italy to build a van for the founder of this program.


To keep up with their travels & find out what incredible additions they will put into the upcoming non-profit van, be sure to check out their Instagram @souldustvan.//via: Tiny Home Tours