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6-in-1 Yoga Apartment Paris’ Best Bedroom Within a Closet


Laure Badufle works multiple jobs from home so, needing her tiny apartment to serve multiple functions, she built the smallest possible bedroom to maximize the rest. The living area is a flexible space that acts as; living room, kitchen, dining room, yoga studio, piano classroom, as well as, design office and pop-up shop for her upcycled clothing.

source/image(PrtSc): Kirsten Dirksen

The multi-functional furniture located below the windows acts as a teaching platform, a sitting area, stairs leading to the terrace, storage and office space.Her bedroom, which most guests confuse for a closet, is just the size of her bed and such a small space makes it a perfect nook to retreat on a cold winter day.

It’s a very minimal space with just art and bookshelves on the walls, but no other clutter which Laure finds helps quiet her mind when spending time there.


The tiny bedroom isn’t a sacrifice, but it was essential for finding space for a yoga studio/fashion atelier/living room in a 46-square-meter (495-square-foot) home. “We had to minimize to maximize,” explains architect Noa Peer (OUI architects)./Kirsten Dirksen