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6 Years of Full-Time RV Life Families 5th Wheel Tiny Home


Join the Wantrepreneurs—Lauren, Casen, Calista, and Aaron—as they invite you into their mobile home where adventure meets everyday life! After leaving their suburban life in Atlanta for a simpler, more connected family experience, they embraced full-time RV living and haven’t looked back. Now in their sixth year, their journey from a year-long trip to a new way of life offers a glimpse into the freedom and joy of living on the road.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Spacious Living Room: Discover how opposing slides expand to transform their RV into a large living space, perfect for family games and movie nights with newly installed recliners and a cozy electric fireplace. Explore the compact yet efficient kitchen that boasts a dual fridge (propane/electric), a GE Profile oven, and clever storage solutions that make the most of every inch.

Learn about their transition to homeschooling, utilizing online resources and real-world experiences, including a memorable educational stay in Greece. Aaron turned his photography skills into a travel blogging career, documenting their travels and creating content that has opened doors to new opportunities. Despite the mobile lifestyle, the Wantrepreneurs have found a strong sense of community and connection with fellow RVers, debunking myths of a lonely nomadic life.


See how personal touches and practical upgrades like ship-lap walls, a custom bunk room for the kids, and a space-saving washer in the master bedroom enhance their home on wheels. Tour their private retreat that includes a desert-themed mural wall, queen-sized bed with storage, and a fold-down desk for Aaron’s office space. If you’re inspired by the Wantrepreneurs’ story and want to see more about life on the road, full-time RV living, and how a family can grow closer through travel, make sure to subscribe, like, and follow them on their journey.