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74-year-old Man Claims To Have Fathered Hundreds Of Babies With Alien Womens!!!!


An out-of-this-world romance.The human race doesn’t know too much about aliens, and we’ve been trying to find out more about them ever since people began to reportedly see UFOs in the sky.Although this stirred up quite a bit of controversy as people were unsure how powerful aliens were, and they were afraid that they would take the message as a threat and attack us.

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Perhaps another controversy lies in this story of a 74-year-old New Jersey man named David who claims that he has had many relationships with aliens, resulting in countless human-alien hybrid offspring. Instead of fearing the enigmatic aliens, he claims to have connections to aliens since he was eight years old when he saw them at his parent’s farm.

Further on down the line, when he was 17 years old, he lost his virginity to a female extraterrestrial named “Crescent” when he was exploring the woods. He continued his relationship with her for quite a while.via(disclose).


David also claims that this was merely the beginning of his otherworldly experience, noting that this encounter would be the first of many other. With all these offspring come opportunities for scientists to learn more about extraterrestrial beings, and David made sure to allow not only his gametes to spread but his knowledge of the widely unknown alien race. He has since talked with UFO research groups and released a documentary about his affairs called Love and Saucers.