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75ft Super Customised Mercedes Actros 2663 Lowrider Truck

FEAST your eyes on this award-winning super customised Mercedes Actros 2663 lowrider truck. Dry powder transport vehicles aren’t generally known for their good looks – but Helsinki, Finland is home to something a little different.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Transformed into a lowrider, this pride-of-the-fleet truck is 75ft long and boasts a 630 horsepower. Arto Simola, one of the truck’s mechanics, told Truly.Barcroft Cars

“We tried to create something new and awesome looking.I think we have succeeded on that one.” The 75ft long truck boasts 630 horsepower from a 12-litre V6 engine, weighing just over 52,900 pounds.


The distinctive look is completed by a 2,500-hour airbrush paint job.It all rolls on twenty massive white wall tires with fancy chrome rims.Inside, the cockpit is dominated by purple velvet, gold trim, and smooth diamond stitched white leather.