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8 Years Old Boy Talks About Pineal Gland The Third Eye! And TV Brainwash

The part of the brain where the pineal gland is found is called the third eye sometimes.It is shaped much like a pine cone and one of its jobs is generating serotonin derivative melatonin. The body uses it to manage hormones and this has an impact on the modulation of sleeping and waking patterns.

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The gland is near the middle of the brain and is situated between two hemispheres.Some people have said that very little has been published about the pineal gland due to it having a metaphysical nature and it being mysterious.There are many people who think that the pineal gland is a type of portal that likes the spiritual and physical world and it can bring feelings of oneness, euphoria and it provides a fully enlightened sensation.

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It has also been claimed that meditation, yoga, and techniques of the occult can help to activate the pineal gland. It is also said that it can open up the paths to traveling into other dimensions, known as remote viewing or astral projection.source(ewao).


In the video, the boy quickly puts the interviewer in her place and teaches her a thing or two about things in life. You could be forgiven for thinking that he is well into his 20s or perhaps older as he holds a conversation way about his age level. The wise youngster also goes on to talk about how the world could be made safer and that guns are not needed and the world would be safer without them.

He also talks about Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto video games and how they are bad for youngsters, as youngsters then think it is cool to go around shooting people and stealing cars and driving fast. He goes on to say that he does not play these games and youngsters should spend less time inside playing games and watching TV and instead go outside and have fun and do something.