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8×8 SLRV Commander 2 Storey Motorhome


The SLRV Commander 8×8 provides the ultimate spatial solution for families, commercial applications or those looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle with all the comforts of a house or unit. The MAN TGS vehicle base has 4 locked diffs and is almost unstoppable. Dream big!

source/image: SLRV Expedition

This motorhome is one of the planet’s most self-sufficient vehicles, with a two-floor structure that is a miracle of modern engineering.The SLRV Commander 8×8 is available on the MAN TGS or Tatra Phoenix 8×8 platform, with a very spacious 8.5m body.

source/image: SLRV Expedition

All models feature an enclosed 1m rear garage, to store larger items including spare tyre, table and chairs, mountain bikes (qty varies) – and even a motorcycle. Various floorplans are available to suit your specific requirements.


The build features a second storey design, with a solid lift up roof design. The build is a custom solution for a family of 8.The upper level has 6 beds for the kids, while downstairs has a separate bedroom for the parents, full ensuite, huge galley kitchen and lounge for 8 to 10 people.It also has a spare electric lift up bed for 2 guests.

In addition, there’s a sitting room that seats eight to ten people, as well as a kitchen design with two ovens, two refrigerators, and double stoves. Also, a private en-suite bathroom, four 32-inch TVs, satellite television, and internet.Th vehicle is powered by a 12.5-liter D26 six-cylinder diesel generating 473-hp, mated to a 12-speed automatic transmission.

VIA SLRV Expedition
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