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9-Wheeled Harley Davidson Big Rig Camper


It’s a Harley-Davidson with a cab of sorts built around it, four wheels behind the front wheel, plus a trailer with another four wheels at the rear.

source/image(PrtSc): Wheels Through Time

I’s an Evolution-powered Harley-Davidson trike that tows a matching 30 foot camper trailer.In the trailer is a living space. There is a bench seat to sit back and relax.There’s also an implement to operate its air horns and air brakes.

In the 1989 Kenny Kilpatrick and his wife Jane had a dream to build a Harley-powered rig. The couple, who lived in Alabama, for two years fabricated what would become the 9-Wheel Harley Rig.


This creation has been purchased by the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum, located in Maggie Valley, NC, features over 375 American motorcycles, unique cars, and transportation history.

VIAWheels Through Time
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