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A-2500 WIG Ekranoplan Aircraft Carrier Concept


In 1974, Bartini proposed a project for the strategic ekranoplane-aircraft carrier A-2500, for which a super-heavy ekranoplane was chosen as the basis.

source.image: Found And Explained

The dimensions of the A-2500 were more than impressive. In one of the variants, the ekranoplane aircraft carrier had a take-off weight of 2500 tons and overall dimensions of 183x129x48 m.

It flew using lift generated by the ground effect acting on its large wings when within about four metres (13 ft) above the surface of the water. Although they might look similar to traditional aircraft, ekranoplans like the this are not classified as aircraft, seaplanes, hovercraft, or hydrofoils. Rather, craft like the Lun-class ekranoplan are classified as maritime ships.


Such an ekranoplane would carry on board an air group of 15–25 combat aircraft of various types. The ship’s crew consisted of 430 people (250 of them were the air group). Its power plant consisted of 10 turbofan engines with a takeoff thrust of 30–33 tons each