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A 30-foot Tiny House With Huge Rooftop Deck

Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah is no stranger to this channel. In this video tour we are shown a El Gato, a 30-foot gooseneck tiny house that has all kinds of neat features going on, most of which were designed to accommodate the owner’s furry friends.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Listings

But not to worry, the owner gets some cool features as well. Like climbing out of bed onto the rooftop deck for morning coffee. El Gato has a rooftop deck and a fold down deck in front of the entry door. The front deck allows the two dogs to go directly into the built-in kennel in the living room.

There is also an exterior dog washing station next to the dog door with hot and cold water.The cats have their own 2-foot cantilever off the back end of the home for their play place, plus there is a cat tree on top of the TV stand.


They also have a sleeping area under the stairs to the gooseneck bedroom and their own cat door under the gooseneck as well.The galley kitchen is outfitted with quartz counters, a full size refrigerator, and a two burner gas cooktop. In the bathroom is a beautiful pebble shower and live edge vanity.