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A 310 Sq Ft Tiny House With Elevator Bed Built To Sleep 6 People

Welcome to “ The Hawaiian” tiny House. This home is 310 sqft. It has 1 king bed 1 queen bed loft and a pull out queen couch for size appliances and a rooftop deck!

source/image: Living Tiny Oklahoma

This tiny house was built to sleep 6 people, has a king-sized bed that raises and lowers with the press of a button and solar panels on the roof with built-on ladder to access the root.This tiny house is build by Living Tiny Oklahoma.

Inside, the home is full of light, the living area is nice and open, the house is equiped with a full sized kitchen, the kitchen has a full-sized stove and oven and a large countertop for prepping meals. You also have plenty of closed storage for all of your kitchen tools and dishes.


On the other side of the kitchen there’s a bathroom with a laundry area, and on the other side of the bathroom You could have a real party here, and invite all your friends to crash—good thing there’s a full-sized fridge.