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A 4-Year-Old Has Insane Motorcycle Skills – Baby Biker

A four-year-old daredevil is tearing up the competition in Ukraine with his motorcycle skills. While most kids are just day-dreaming about riding a motorbike, Ukrainian Tima Kuleshov started riding a bicycle before he was two-years-old and graduated to a mini motorbike at just two and a half.

image/text credit: Barcoft TV

As a kid, you probably wanted to ride a pocket bike or drive your own go kart, but not many of us had parents that gave us that opportunity. Tima Kuleshov’s and Makar Zheleznyak’s parents are not those kind of parents.

They’re the kind of parents who let a two-year-old and a four-year-old race each other on a track. And it’s amazing. They’re also the kind of parents who take the time to film their small children racing each other and put those videos on YouTube for us to enjoy.


The little lads look barely old enough to walk but they race around the track like pros and drive better than some adults I know. Little champions in the making for sure!