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A 750-Year-Old Secret-See How Soy Sauce Is Still Made Today

See how Japanese soy sauce has been made for 750 years in this fascinating short film by Mile Nagaoka.Some 750 years ago, a Japanese priest arrived in Yuasa after a trip to China, bringing with him a newfound skill for making miso soybean paste.Soy sauce was discovered accidentally,a byproduct of the miso-making process.Yuasa soon became the country’s most important soy sauce brewing center.

image credit: National Geographic 

The small town of Yuasa in Wakayama Prefecture claims to be the birthplace of soy sauce production in Japan.

image credit: japan-brand

These days, few traces of the once numerous factories remain, yet in the Yuasa Soy Sauce LTD factory visitors get the chance to see the traditional production process firsthand and buy one of their delicious soy sauces.


The soy sauce made in Yuasa is produced in the traditional way and uses only pure ingredients without any additives, which makes the production process take between one and two years to create the finished product.

The result is a soy sauce with a significantly better flavor than store-bought products, and has been acredited with awards world-wide.So popular was Yuasa soy sauce, it even made a contribution to the Japanese language. In upscale restaurants you may hear Japanese customers call soy sauce by the name, Murasaki, which means “purple”.