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A Backpack Multi-Rotor That Can Let Anyone To Defy Gravity

Lunavity is a system designed to augment the human capability of jumping. An attachable multi-rotor elevates the user during the movement, enabling them to leap higher and further. In the future, where drones are widely used for delivery and/or transportation, it can be applied to augment our mobility temporarily.

source/image: LUNAVITY

The Lunavity is essentially a harness for connecting a human to a drone and allowing them to become airborne, if only temporarily. Once strapped in, a user would see arcs of rotors above their head. The rotors would presumably be activated just prior to a user’s desire to leap up into the air.

source/image: LUNAVITY

The initial force would be instigated by leg muscles—the rotors would then keep the user rising for several seconds until reaching a peak, at which point the user would slowly fall back to Earth.The researchers report that the Lunavity should allow a person to jump two or three times higher than normal.


They also note that the point of the device is to extend or augment human abilities. Doing so, they add, could make crosswalks or stairs obsolete. It might also offer more freedom to people with disabilities.

There’s no pricing or release date for Lunativity at this point, but it’s one of the more unique concepts out there right now.The team behind Lunativity describe the idea behind it as a way to “make the world a more interesting place.