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A Beautifully Restored 1915 Indian V-Twin 1000cc Motorcycle

Don climbs aboard a beautifully restored 1915 Indian V-Twin 1000cc American motorcycle. One of the most successful motorcycles ever made and has a sporting pedigree. It was produced in large numbers, selling 35,000 in 1913.

source/image: hoxtonmoto

Some of its features include: electric lights, tool box, town & country exhaust, effective suspension and an idiosyncrasy, a left-hand throttle.

Some say the left-hand throttle was to enable the rider to draw his gun with his right hand and continue controlling the bike with his left. A truly magnificent machine.


The 1,000cc F-head engine produced an impressive 15 horsepower. Approximately 21,000 were created, and obviously a tiny fraction of that remain now after 100 years.1915 was the last year of production before Indian stopped racing efforts to help with the war, and debuted the flat head V-Twin dubbed the Power Plus.