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A Big Beautiful Rescued Lioness Loves Some Yummy Belly Rubs

Malkia is a saved lioness. Her parents were born in circus She lives at a private park at the moment and in summer will be moved to Malkia Park Big Cats rescue. Malkia Park Rescue Station in Orechová Potôň, Slovakia, takes in exotic animals from circuses and private homes.

image/text credit: MALKIA PARK

Malkia, one of the two lionesses who joyfully greeted their former caretaker at the gate, laid back and enjoyed some belly rubs from her favorite human, who has known her and her sister since they were tiny cubs.Animals travel miles from city to city in tight cages.

Only because of human avidity and vision of earnings, animals are involuntary clowns only for short-term public entertainment. It is unfair and especially completely unnatural. Do you think that animal has the pleasure from filling the nonsense commands and also do you think that the animal is enjoying the feeling from the jump of fire circles when it is afraid of fire?


Of course not, after each fulfilled command are long hours of painful training full of suffering and suppression of the animal´s naturalness. And we do not want the animals to suffer, do we? If we do not attend animal circuses, they will not earn and they will not be able to exist. Circus owners will have no reason to keep animals in captivity.