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A Chameleon Tongue Crushing Crickets in Slow Motion

Chameleons are fascinating creatures for so many reasons: Their eye sight provides them with 360 degree vision, they can change color based on their moods and social needs, and their tongues are fast and powerful for catching unsuspecting prey.

image/text credit: SmarterEveryDay 

Youtuber “Smarter Every” Day puts himself in the line of fire to feed some crickets to a hungry chameleon named “Mojo”. Using his high-speed cameras, the action is captured at a whopping 20,000 frames per second and the results are amazing.

Here is some close up footage of a chameleon’s tongue in slow motion. Chameleons’ tongues can reach their prey in 0.07 seconds. In other words, a chameleon only needs 7% of one second to strike!


And when they reach out to snare fast-moving prey, they can accelerate five times faster than a fighter jet.The video captures the weird and complicated motion of the animal’s tongue as it stretches approximately the full length of its body.