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A Cheap And Easy Way To Build An Outdoor Bench Using Cinder Blocks And Wood


Build this beautiful bench in your outdoor area using only cinder blocks and lumber. Jay Wanakore demonstrates how to make a DIY outdoor garden seat that’s incredibly quick and easy on Whānau Living.Outdoor furniture can be expensive, that’s why making your own can be a fun and satisfying alternative.

source/image(PrtSc): Speak Māori

This is a very easy DIY project of creating fantastic bench seating ,all you need are Cinder Blocks.This cinder block bench would be a nice addition for your outdoor.Follow the instructions provided in the video.

Besides getting a great bench and saving some money, you can upcycle building materials that you would have thrown away otherwise.


During a weekend you can complete the project and turn a good idea into a better piece of furniture for your garden.You will require 5 wooden boards and some fabric to cover the bench and make it a bit more comfortable./Speak Māori