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A Chinese Man Finds a Strawberry Inside a Tomato “Straw-Mato”

After all, for as much as many people like to try new things and experience new flavors, most of the time, we’re not necessarily looking to be surprised by our food.

photo credit: Wang Xiaowen

That’s especially true when it comes to raw fruits and vegetables. Let’s face it: when they taste or look odd, that usually means that they’ve spoiled.One man in China discovered this firsthand. He bit into a tomato and found something quite shocking inside of it—but it wasn’t rotten, and it wasn’t a bug.

photo credit: Wang Xiaowen

Wang Xiaowen, a 24-year-old mechanics major from Shenyang, China, bought a tomato from a local supermarket for two yuan (roughly 29 cents) that looked perfectly fine. It didn’t taste out-of-the-ordinary either.


He took a bite of one of them at noon and realised there were no seeds inside. What’s more, there seemed to be a strawberry in the middle.

photo credit: Wang Xiaowen

The man showed the apparent straw-mato to his classmates and none of them could explain the phenomenon.Wang was so impressed by the tomato that he decided to posted the pictures on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.