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A Cold Start Of a 1956 Harley Davidson KHK

This is a cold start of a 1956 Harley Davidson KHK.The K model was the precurssor to the Sporster and in fact the Sporster was introduced in 1957. This fine machine has 29,000 miles showing on the odometer.

source/image: MrClassicMotorcycle

It was recently removed from a storage garage in Colorado where it sat since 1973.I have the picturesof the original Barn fresh find into my truck./MrClassicMotorcycle

I changed the fluids, added a battery, cleaned the carb and the gas tank (varnish) and it started on the first ignition kick!


I took a bath with her today and polished it up a bit. This is an original paint machine! Look and listen to her now and watch her go!