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A Cooler That Follows You Like A Dog -The Arduino Powered Autonomous “Follow Me” Cooler

In this video we show off our DIY Arduino Uno powered autonomous “follow me” cooler. The cooler connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and uses GPS coordinates streamed from your phone to follow you.

image/text credit: Hacker House

All the electronics are be contained in the base so that other objects can be carried as well. It’s great to use at a tailgate or a BBQ in the park.The robot uses some open source Arduino libraries and off the shelf hardware, so anybody can build one at home!

The electronics are in the base, so you can carry your things with peace of mind. You are going to need a cooler, 6 inch wheels, 2 DC motors, and a few other components to complete this.


The wheels used a couple 3D printed brackets (3D parts provided below) to mount our high torque 12v motors. A 3D printed connector was attached to a metal hub to mount the wheel on the motor shafts.A simple swivel wheel was used on the back of the platform. It was attached with another 3D printed bracket.