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A Couple Downsized To a Luxury Tiny Home on Wheels


Welcome to the 2022 Living Vehicle Pro EV! Brent and Pat have been together for 40 years and made a significant lifestyle change by downsizing from 33 acres to 33 feet. In this video, they share their journey, the features of their high-tech living vehicle, and how they maintain a healthy and sustainable environment on the road.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

A Well-Designed Kitchen. The kitchen in the Living Vehicle Pro EV is perfectly laid out with a well-thought-out triangle design, making it easy to work in. It features: Deep Stainless Steel Sink: Equipped with a water filter that kills bacteria, ensuring clean drinking water. Energy-Efficient Dishwasher: Uses only two gallons of water per cycle.

Ample Storage: Multiple drawers and a spacious pantry provide plenty of storage for kitchen appliances and food. Three-Burner Gas Stove: Ideal for cooking all types of meals. Microwave: Powerful and convenient for everyday use. Full-Size Refrigerator and Freezer: Plenty of space to store food for extended trips.


The living area is a multifunctional space that serves as a lounge, dining area, and bedroom. It features: Convertible Couch: Transforms into a queen-sized bed. Workstation: Equipped with laptops for work and a television for entertainment. Durable Cabinets: Strong and secure cabinets that stay closed during travel. Efficient Heating System: Eight marine-grade batteries under the floor provide warmth, similar to heated floors. The Living Vehicle Pro EV is equipped with a robust solar power system: 30 Solar Panels: Generating a total of 3,800 watts. Eight Batteries: Providing a storage capacity of 57.6 kWh.