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A Daredevil Climbs 1,500 Feet TV Tower! It’s Part Of The Job !!

Climber Kevin Schmidt, of South Dakota, climbs to the top of the KDLT-TV antenna in Salem.He’s seen in stunning footage as he makes his ascent precisely and steadily, clipping his safety gear to the tower as he goes.At the end, he pauses for a well-deserved selfie — but not before changing that lightbulb.

He’s climbed hundreds of towers during the past eight years, in dozens of states, through every season, sometimes in 60 mph winds. It’s part of the job at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications.

It was a beautiful fall day for a climb and the views are stunning! I would suggest watching at 1080 HD in full screen to get a small taste of the experience.He also performs regular maintenance like the lightbulb change, a requirement by the Federal Aviation Administration to alert oncoming airplanes.


On some days, Schmidt will climb as many as eight towers. It’s such a normal part of his job that while perched atop this particular tower outside of Salem, South Dakota, he casually snapped a selfie.