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A Florida Man Created a Vehicle-Sized, Radio Flyer Hot Rod Wagon To Drive Around Town

This is the largest, street legal, “radio flyer,” red wagon ever built. The owner and creator lives in Ellisville, Mississippi. He had driven this wagon all over the southern United States, and will continue to travel to car shows and benefits. He has put a huge grin on so many faces, just by driving by and waving!

image credit:  Michael Nederbrock

It’s so much fun to ride in too! Awesome vehicle!As a child growing up in Muncie, Ind., Curtis Hutchison said he never had a red Radio Flyer wagon to pull around the neighborhood and take his friends for a spin.

Now, about 65 years later and 1,000 miles from his hometown, Hutchison doesn’t have to fantasize about pulling a toy wagon around his neighborhood; he and his wife and friends can just sit in one and drive it around town via a 350 Chevrolet engine with a 350 turbo transmission.


The wagon can hit speeds up to 90 mph!The wagon actually is a functional dragster with a body on it and measures 12′ x 6′.What makes the car even more unique, said Hutchison, 74, is that it’s totally custom, licensed and street legal.via(theledger.)

He said it’s the only personally fabricated, built from the ground up to scale Radio Flyer wagon car in the world; other RadioWagon flyer cars were built using another car and just changing out the bodies, he said.Huthison has put roughly $30,000 into the car and it was worth every penny!