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A Front-Cargo Tadpole Tricycle With An Outer Shell & Electric Power


This video highlights the unique commuting benefits of the Virtue Pedalist – a design that blends the best elements from an electric bicycle, cargo bike, tadpole tricycle and velomobile. The Pedalist is 100% green with zero emissions and provides a physical footprint that’s less than a third of the typical car.

source/image(PrtSc): mclaughlinmotion

Virtue Bike is bridging that gap with the Pedalist – a front-cargo tadpole tricycle with an outer shell and electric power. The “driver” remains comfortable and protected while traveling – and gains the added benefit of actually ENJOYING the ride!

source/image(PrtSc): Virtue Cycles

The Pedalist has 2+1 seating configuration, second adult could sit behind the cyclist while a bicycle’s toddler’s seat may be attached in the front cargo space, which would also fit a medium sized pet.


The pedal-assist feature and full-electric power options allow you to tackle intimidating hills without even breaking a sweat.Just like e-bike, no license & registration required in most places*, unless you start going over the top with its massive electric possibilities.

The 750W electric motor & 48v 32A li-ion battery would provide a range of 50+ miles per charge. The cargo space would easily fit 10 of them and provide 500+ miles of range; and of course, the pedal-assist mode would add significant additional miles to it.